Cartoon Network Announces "Adult Swim" Programming Block

On September 2, fans of "Space Ghost Coast to 

Coast" are in for a treat: New episodes! Yes, more of 

Space Ghost, Zorak, Moltar, and all the interviews 

that usually include a blasting or two. But that's not 

all! September 2 also includes the debut of four new 

shows, and one brought over from UPN. These will all 

be part of a new programming block running from 10PM-

1AM called "Adult Swim". The programs won't be 

"Powerpuff Girls" or "Courage the Cowardly Dog"-type 

shows, but more along the lines of "The Simpsons". 

Here's a list of scheduled shows:

Space Ghost Coast to Coast- A late-night talk show 

starring Space Ghost, Zorak, and Moltar. It's on now, 

but new episodes are being made for "Adult Swim" 

(Thank you 18-49 male demographic!)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force- A detective show. It stars 

human-sized food. That's about it.

Harvey Birdman- A law show. From the title, I guess 

that "Birdman" hangs up his giant wings at takes a 

turn at lawering. I'm also guessing that his clients 

will be other 60's and 70's action Hanna-Barbera 

cartoon stars, such as "Dino Boy" and "Johnny Quest"...

Home Movies- This was on UPN... Made by the people who 

brought us "Dr. Katz" comes a show about a third-

grader who has a screwed-up life. He makes home movies 

in his basement and stuff like that... 

Sealab 2021- A sci-fi show(?). An update of an old 

Hanna-Barbera cartoon about, from what the title is, a 

lab in the ocean. Probably has stuff about fish in it.

Leave it to Brak- A sitcom. ABOUT BRAK! BRAK BRAK 


Well, this is a 50's style sitcom about Brak's life at 

home. I will be taping every single one of these. 

(Thank you thank you thank you 18-49 demographic! 

Thank you for "Adult Swim"!!!)

Well, there you have it. New shows, new episodes of 

shows, and a show brought back from the dead. Will 

"Adult Swim" be worth staying up until 1AM for? Yeah. 

It has Brak for god's sake.

Source: "Robin's Report", June 16-22 Edition of TV Guide.

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