Favorite Video Games '01
Top Ten Favorite Video Games '01
This one has more variety than my first favorites list because I got a lot more games, emulators, and more systems. Also, I've had a lot more time to play. so, read on to true glory. Well, not really. Just a list of games IN NO ORDER AT ALL:
10. Pokemon Gold (GBC)- See my first list for comments on Pokemon. I like this game because, if played like a good RPG, it is a good RPG. It also allows a lot of custimizability. And you can name all your Pokemon. Well, most of them. Also, what other game lets you get a worm that lives in a rock? LONG LIVE SHUCKLE!
9. Super Mario RPG (SNES)- It was my first RPG, and it's also the one that I've played the most. I mean, it was by Square. SQUARE! I just don't get why people don't like Mallow. I do... I also like how they finally showed us where Mario lives. And all the fun exploring and the enemies that you can see... I don't like it when I have to fight ten battles when I have to get healed.
(tie) 8. Kirby Superstar(SNES): It's where Mike P got his Plasma Hat, plus it has gameplay galore! And I like the helper thing...
(tie)8. Sonic Adventure (DC)- I've always liked Sonic. This game is a pretty good game, and it has something to everyone. Tails races Sonic, Knuckles has platforming action, Gamma has shooter stuff, Big has fishing, Amy Rose has... er... running from someone and Sonic has... uh... running. But hey, those Chao are darn cute, eh?
7. Dragon Warrior 3(GBC)- Another RPG which is one of the best I've played. An epic in two parts, this game allows you to name everyone in your team, pick how they operate, and it also has loads of weapons. And the battles are epic. I also named my bag "Bert". It's funny when the game says "Mike put the sword in the Bert". Er... I got off-topic there. Sorry.
6. Grandia II(DC)- This is one of the best RPGs I've ever played. It's kind of like Mario RPG: Touchable enemies, heavy character devolopment, and character specific innuendo. But it has two things that make it a little better than Mario RPG: Really fun battles where everyone's running around and a "T" rating for various things, including many humorous comments from Ryudo, the main character. I would tell you about this one really cool thing I did in a boss battle, but I won't. But Mario is still better because it was funnier and it featured Goombas.
5. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)- This game is a bit better than "Majora's Mask" because it confused me less and I didn't have to worry about a time limit. Good lord, that belongs in a Mario game!
4. Bombermax/Max Red Challenger (GBC)-My first Bomberman game. It's still one of the best. Plus, you can get little monsters! It also has classic Bomberman action, and it has lots of replay value since you can choose multiple paths.
3. Tetris: I'm not even bothering to tell you what systems this game was on. Or why it deserves a place here.
2. Earthbound (SNES): I don't have it yet, but it looks really cool and I won it on Ebay and it's the only thing I've ever won on Ebay that I hiked by bid price over $50 for. Plus it has Ness.
1. Super Smash Bros. (N64)- This game will be dethroned by SSB Melee soon. But, for now it has the best stuff I've seen in a game. Except for the graphics. They're not very good... Plus, this game introduced me to Ness and it lets me whoop Jigglypuff a lot. Quoth the Cruton: "It's like you're one with Ness. And Jigglypuff should be dead by now..."
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