If you've been to the Adventures part of the site, you may have noticed a "????" character. Who is he/r? Here's some suspects and motives :
10. Count Orlock (Nosferatu): Vampires like to prey on the weak and defenseless, and when you're relaxing at a resort, you're both of those. He tried to kill Mike P because he would have accidently kicked over Orlock's soil.
9. Knock Reinfield (Nosferatu): After all the chasing in Weisburg he had to put up with, Knock needed some downtime. Since he's old, he decided upon a resort. He tried to kill Mike P so that he wouldn't chain him up in a cave.
8. Zero (Mega Man X Series): In order to escape all the destruction he causes and endures, Zero fled to Mike P's Resort. Ke tried to kill Mike P because if he didn't, he would probably blab his location to someone.
7. Dr. Wily (Mega Man Series): In order to take over several islands, Wily took over the resort due to its strategic placement. He tried to kill Mike P so he wouldn't interfere with his plans.
6. Toad (Super Mario Series): In order to get revenge on Mike P for saving Bill and Fred, he took over the resort. He tried to kill Mike P for the same reason/
5. Double (Mega Man X4): He's a fat Reploid and he wanted to require. He tried to kill Mike P to avoid endless "I'm short, I'm fat and I don't do much. Go fight Mavericks!" jokes.
4. Mike P (Duh, Einstein): In order to gain more popularity for his resort, he decided to have someone take it over. He tried to kill himself because if the resort thing didn't work, he'd have trouble explaining himself when he got back.
3. Lincoln's Ghost: I have no idea why he would do that. Nor do I have any idea why he would try to kill Mike P.
2. Brak (Space Ghost): In order to regain his composure, Brak escaped to Mike P's resort to get out of his console thing on "Cartoon Planet". He tried to kill Mike P to restart his evil career.
1. Moses22 (Guy Who Hates Me): HE HATES ME!
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