You all have me stereotyped as a freaky webmaster who doesn't do anything that doesn't involve a TV screen, and doesn't speak to people face-to-face. And someone who doesn't often follow through with stuff... etc etc. Well, I got news for you! You're wrong on at least half that stuff, and that is what this list will prove:
10. Actually update his website weekly (This list proves it! Bwa ha ha!)
9. Curse, swear, cuss, etc etc
8. Get my homework done a good deal of time before it's due
7. Admit I fell asleep in class to a teacher/fellow student
6. Not hold grudges
5. Be perky
4. Make a plan and actually follow through with it
3. Make a plan that can actually work
2. Get to sleep at a decent time
1. Talk to a girl face-to-face with both parties consenting to do so
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